11 January 2012

So Many Places So Little Time

Mr. Brown Eyes said to me the other day, "I have to turn in my vacation dates this week."  I was rather surprised, I mean its only the second week of January.  The new year is hardly under way and we already have to decide where we want to research and vacation for our entire year?

So we started to ponder, discuss, consider...   so far we've not come to any certain conclusions except that I have tons more work to do in several locations including Dayton.  Since reuniting with my Kreitzer cousins this past year,  finding work to do in Dayton seems to be one of my favorte things to do.  Not to mention that my to-do list there is a mile long.  But then my to do list at several locations is a mile long.  I seriously doubt that the to-do lists will ever be totally empty. 

Nothing seems to finish a successful research day off like dinner with cousins & good friends!

That said... what are your plans for researching this summer?  Have you given any thought to it all?

Happy Researching!

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