02 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012 - Goals & Thoughts

I didn't really make any New Year's resolutions this year, but I did set a few genealogy goals for myself.

I've been working on my marriage date project, and I plan on continuing that.  I found quite a few marriage dates when I was on my mini trip this past week to Dayton & Troy, Ohio.  But I still have many more to locate. Its a slow process but one I feel strongly about completing.

Another goal is continue with the research log that I started in November.  I've been good about keeping it up so far, so hoping to contiue.  Its been helpful especially with keeping track of where I ordered DC from or where I made an obit request from.  I've also been (so far) good about logging when those requests were filled.  Hoping to keep that up.

Focus is a big issue with me.  Having so many people in and out during tax season (thankfully not all year!), with grandsons and parents etc here and everywhere in the housoe, staying focused can be difficult.  I have two great examples that I am learning from - my friend Anne over at Gene Notes is a great inspiration with her organization skills and my non blogging friend Diane who also is very organized and focused in her research.  I try very hard but do find it easy to get distracted & sidetracked.  I'm hoping that with those two to learn from that I'll greatly improve my ability to stay focused. 

I once heard someone say that when you stop learning you die.  I think alot of times we as genealogists feel that we know all we need to know, so we don't make the effort to learn anything new.  We need to learn new things, there's so much out there, and many times those new things are things that can make our genealogy research a bit easier, maybe a bit more productive - but without making the effort, we never know.  So, getting back into learning mode is another goal.  I've started to work on that one already, I've been taking some webinars.  Very interesting stuff!

Here's hoping that you too have set some genealogy goals for yourself - I'd love to hear about them!  Take a minute and leave a comment and share your goals.   

Happy New Year!

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Mark Krugman said...

Goals are important. Without them progress happens, but results are not optimized, and while rabbit holes are fun, the end result is a lot of time spent, without much really happening towards anything positive!