06 February 2012

Military Monday - Final Payment Vouchers For Military Pensions (Ligon)

I love finding new stuff.  Whether its stuff for my kitchen, my office or my genealogy data base, I just love it.  Today's find was over on Fold3.  An awesome data base entitled "Final Payment Vouchers Index For Military Pensions 1818-1864".  Primarily focuses on final pension payments for the Revolutionary War Pensions, but states that it does contain some images from later wars.

The data base which comes from NARA was originally published in 2010 and contains over 65,000 records of these final payments.  Shown below is one of those records.   I found several that I saved for my data base, but  this one was for a second cousin of Mr. Brown Eyes,  Joseph Ligon.

Joseph was born in 1762 in Chesterfield County, Virginia, of seven sons of Joseph Ligon and his wife Judith Blackmon.  He married 10 JUN 1784 to Lettice May Sims.  Joseph died 21 SEP 1842 in Montgomery County, Tennessee. His original pension was issued 8 JAN 1807 in Halifax County, Virginia.  The card in this data base that I found was complete with name, date of payment and date of death.  I already had the information, but finding this image, confirmed what I already knew.  Bonus!

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