01 February 2012

Spring Cleaning - The Genealogy Way

I've been spring cleaning.  Yeah I know its not quite spring yet, or at least the calendar says it isn't.  But here in my house I'm busy spring cleaning - the Genealogy way.  I know, what do I mean by "the genealogy way"?

Its easy really...  I'm going thru every folder, looking at every paper on this desk and in the surrounding area and I'm either typing it into the computer, scanning it (made eay with the Flip Pal), putting it in either the trash or recycling bin.  I'm also going thru my online file of photo's making sure that they are all properly linked.  Luckily Legacy does offer a way for me to check for "unlinked" photo's, but this only applies to photo's that were previously linked.  A few days ago I found a cemetery in Kentucky we had photographed last spring that had not been named & linked.  It is now. 

The marriage project is on-going, but for this week it is on hold.  For now I'm in spring cleaning mode.  In the long run its a good thing!   Spring cleaning genealogy style - its a good thing!

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Lisa Swanson Ellam said...


I need to do a bit of that myself! You have me motivated to tackle that pile!