02 February 2012

Tricks & Tips Thursday

Even though I have thousands of photo's on my hard drive I don't have them on all my mobile devices.  My iPad2 and my iPhone just don't have enough "memory" to carry around thousands of photo's.  Being the impulsive person that I am I've been known to coax Mr. Brown Eyes to do an impromptu stop at a cemetery many times. 

Ever been in a cemetery and find a stone that just screams "take my picture - you NEED me"?  I have.  Especially if its a cemetery where I know I don't have tons of headstones photographed.  With my mobile devices not being able to carry my entire photo data base I had to come up with a way to tell if I had a photo for that individual or not. 

Crazy as it may sound I came up with a rather simple way to tell...  I use the following to denote whether a stone has been photographed or not, or searched for and not found. 

1. Hill-Grove Cemetery, Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio
2. Hill-Grove Cemetery, Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio*
3. Hill-Grove Cemetery, Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio**

I know it increases the number of locations in my place list BUT I can also tell at a glance whether or not a headstone has been photographed or if its been searched for but not found. 

So the line up ABOVE translates into the following -
1.    Tells me the stone has not been photographed
2.  *Tells me the stone has been photographed and is linked in my data base.
3.  **Tells me the stone has been searched for but never found.

It also helps when I know I am going to any cemetery, I just go to the one without the asterick and print out all the names associated with that place in my file.  It gives me those persons and that is who I search for.   Clear as mud now?

I am not saying you should use my system, think about it and figure out something that works for you.  Nothing is as aggrevating as either finding out you needed that stone and didn't photograph it, or photographing it and finding out you already had it.  GRRRRRRRRRRR

Happy Researching!

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