08 March 2012

Tricks & Tips Thursday

Ever been in the middle of a research session, stumble across a marriage record, but close the record and put it away because you couldn't identify the people involved..... YET?   Maybe a week, a month or maybe even a year passes and suddenly you know who that couple is!  Suddenly they are part of your data base.  You know you saw that date and info SOMEWHERE.... but where? 

I used to do that.  No more!  All of my major surnames have a spread sheet on my computer.  Each surname sheet is sorted by the surname, but includes brides name, grooms name, SOURCE document, information such as date of license, date of marriage, place of marriage, and a note field for other items that vary from place to place.

Now when I find someone I don't have in my data base but the area is right, the name is right... it gets recorded on my spread sheet.  No more wondering where or when I saw that record, I have the information on my spread sheet and its right at my fingertips.

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