09 March 2012

The Never Ending Trail

When our two kids were young they used to occasionally watch morning tv while getting ready for school.  It never failed, there was this song that I absolutely despised... something about the "song that never ends"....  and it goes on and on.  You know how that is,  it gets in your head and its just stuck there.

While I don't have that song stuck in my head (at least I hope I don't), sometimes it seems as if the paperwork never seems to end. 

I was working on GenealogyBank yesterday,  I wanted to save some images to my hard drive and link them in Legacy.  But the only way it would allow me to save my images were in PDF format.  But I don't want the images in PDF.   So I had to print the images off, scan them in the format I wanted and then save them to my hard drive.  More paperwork.... it just seems to never end.

If you know of a way to save images in Genealogybank besides PDF could you comment with the how to's...  maybe I'm missing something?

Happy Friday!


Bob Harter said...

Have you tried a good photo program? Some of them might be able to import PDF files and export them as JPG. I have Photoshop 5.0, which will not, but I would not be surprised if a later version will do this.

Karen Krugman said...

Thanks for commenting Bob! I actually gave in and asked my techie son. He gave me a work around using PAINT and so far it works great. I should have asked him first, I've got about 120 images to work with already... I looked at some software but they all wanted $$$$ more than I was willing to put out if I could find a work around.

TennLady said...

It's easy to save them as jpgs. You
click on the image to highlight it and then click the copy tool and paste into your image editor, save it as a jpg. I do this all the time.

Karen Krugman said...

Anne, which image editor are you using? I couldn't get it to do anything but save as PDF. Maybe its just me having a menopausal moment? LOL Thanks for commenting.

Claudia's Genealogy Blog said...

What I have discovered on Vista is the snipping tool.

You have the image on the desktop and click on the snipping tool icon. It will open a box and you can snip the whole page or use the tool for a rectangle or free form to capture the image. Then you click on what you have chosen.

The image comes up in a new window and at the top left is a blue icon, you click on it and you can name and save what you have snipped.

I just tried it on a PDF file and it worked.

Diane said...

Karen, us a MAC and open the image in Preview. You can then save as a jpg. In Genealogybank open or save as a pdf, then open the pdf in preview and crop the item you want on the page and save as a jpg. If Mark will share his Mac that is. Or follow your other good suggestions.