12 March 2012

Monday Musings

On Friday I wrote about my frustration with working on sites that only save as PDF's.  I received many suggestions on how to work around that, many worked some did not.  I did get all the ANSLEY ones I had done saved, cleaned up, named and linked into my Legacy file.  So out of frustration came learning.  I'll be using those skills again when I go back in to work on another surname later this week.

I'm back on the marriage project.  This weekend was very productive with the location of in the neighborhood of 60 new marriage dates to add to my file as well. I had been using FamilySearch but alot of these I am not quite sure where the marriage occurred.  So I started using Ancestry and narrowed it down to the birth, death & marriage grouping.  It helped tremendously as I didn't have places.  One couple in particular I thought would be in North Carolina, I found marrying in Texas!  Can't explain it, but it is them and they are there for one census. 

I've written several times about how much I enjoy scanning with the Flip Pal scanner, so this week the paperwork was started for me to be both a seller on my own and a reseller on my blog.  So soon you'll have yet another option on where to get your FlipPal scanner.  You'll know when the deal is complete the icon will appear here on the blog! 

So what's on tap for your Monday?

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