13 March 2012

Tombstone Tuesday - So Who Did It?

This is a sure sign that no one named on the stone had anything to do with the erection of the stone...  Elam died in AUG of 1883,  Epsey, who was the first wife, married 19 NOV 1850 in Warren County, Georgia.  She dies September 1855.  Elam then marries in DEC 1855 to Rachel Reese.  So the million dollar question is, who added the stone?  

Elam had six children with Rachel and at least two with Epsey.  Elam F. Ansley is my first cousin 6 times removed and his wife, Epsey Granade is my second cousin 5 times removed! 

Never a dull moment in genealogy!  You just never know what you'll find!

Happy Researching!

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