19 April 2012

Tricks & Tips Thursday - So Much To Do

Ever get a last minute call to go research and find you really aren't prepared?  If you make good use of that software you purchased you would be.

Using the to do list in your software really makes life so much easier for you.  And you'll never ever have to feel as though you aren't prepared for any research trip.

In Legacy, you can make general to-do's or person specific to-do's.   Each to do is attached to a specific reposititory.  Which means you can print a list for any given repository that you wish to research at and go!

Another great option is to print the place list for the specific are that you are off to.  At least with a list of names you aren't exactly going in blind.  I do that with cemeteries.  When I know I'm going to be headed out to a specific cemetery I simply go in the place name list, find that specific cemetery and ask the software for that list.  Once I have that list I am off and running.

Making good use of your genealogy software & to do lists...  a very good thing. 

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Mark Krugman said...

I like adding the '*' at the end of cemetery location for those with photo and '**' for those which have been hunted for, and no headstone found to take a photo of. That way the cemetery list without either is a very good thing to take to the cemetery. Know where I got that tip? My loving wife, of course!