31 August 2012

Worst Obituary Ever

This obituary is for my great great grandmother, Sarah Jane Early Phillips, who died 22 FEB 1920 in Miami Township, Montgomery County, Ohio.  When I found it I couldn't believe it was actually HER obituary.  I'm going to type it as I found it in the newspaper and then I'll share the list of things that were incorrect.

Mrs. William Phillips, died last Sunday of paralysis at her home southeast of town.  Funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at the Progressive Dunkard Church.  Interment at Springboro.

He leaves two sons, Paul L. Sharters and five sons.  The deceased's maiden name was Early and she leaves five brothers; Albert, Peter, David, Charles and Jacob Early, and one sister, Mrs. Mary Emby.

Herei's my take on the obit -
  1. Name is correct.
  2. Death certificate agrees with cause of death
  3. Location of death is correct
  4. Burial location is correct
  5. She is not a "he"
  6. She didn't leave two sons, she left six sons, David Allen, Elwood Vernon, Robert Francis, John Early, Charles Monroe, Earl Cora
  7. She was also survived by two daughters, Elva Leanna and Mariba Idella
  8. Also suvived by her husband, William Harrison Phillips
  9. She was survived by five brothers,  Albert Isaac, John Peter, Charles Westiin, David Allen, Jacob R.
  10. She was survived by one sister, Mary Catherine (Emby). 
  11. Also suvived by 21 grandchildren
Can you see why I said it had to be one of the worst obits ever?  How about you?  How bad was your worst obit ever? 


TennLady said...

My maternal grandmother's obit said she died at her home in Detroit. She died on vacation at the Soo.

My maternal great-grandfather's obit did not mention my grandfather. Said he was survived by 5 children and mentioned 4.

Margel said...

Yes, I know of worse one. My father's obituary listed his sister as his next of kin, and there was no mention of his two children - my brother and myself.