19 October 2012

Can I Get Off The Treadmill Now?

Can't believe its Friday already!  I think this year has been one of the busiest in the entire span of our 35 year marriage!  We went from tax season, to Belgium, to summer with the daughter & her family and critters living here, to a guest rooming with us for a few weeks.  Today we finally regained our empty nest status, at least till my mom comes to visit for three months starting in November!

Toss in Family History month and all my speaking engagements and you've got a non stop forever on a treadmill feeling.  I'm looking out the windows of my office enjoying the beautiful reds, yellows and orange colors on the trees in the woods across the street.  Where has the year gone?

I've been looking back over my genealogy journal that I kept this year - and to be honest I accomplished more than I thought I did.  Looking at numbers on my data base, the projects I worked on AND completed,  the contacts I made, the brick walls that came down.  Alot of people do this at the end of the year, but to be honest,  its just too crazy for me.  I started keeping my journal November 1st, 2011.

What does all this matter?  Well with all the craziness I found myself lacking in inspiration.  Feeling sort of crowded, rushed - you know the feeling.  Well when I picked up the journal and looked back over the past year suddenly I found myself inspired - ready to carry the torch and start the hunt once again.  Now where to start!??!?!!?!?    I'm sure I'll find something....

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