26 November 2012

Monday Musings

Headed out to research in Dayton, Ohio this Saturday.  So I'm hoping to get some more items added to my to do list.  I want to get it all on a spread sheet so that it is all organized chronologically.  Makes it so much easier to get the microfilms that way. 

Now that the holidays are upon us I've been doing a ton of sewing.  With both of my children moving into new homes this year there are some things that I'm working on for them and for some friends.  I could have sworn it was summer a few weeks ago!  Where did the time go?

Refining my Christmas research trip list as well.  One of our long standing holiday "traditions" is a Christmas research trip.  Mr. Brown Eyes is off between Christmas & New Years so we try to take a few days and go somewhere to research and get some down time from all the holiday hoo ha...  Its become a real tradition and we really look forward to it.  Biggest decision is where to go? 

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