21 December 2012

Festive Friday

 Christmas 2010, Mom, Mr. Brown Eyes and myself

The grandsons are excited, the big countdown has begun.  I can't say I'm not excited.  When it comes to Christmas I think sometimes I'm as much a kid as they are! 

Every year for one of my gifts Mr. Brown Eyes, my wonderful husband gives me a research trip.  It has to be taken between Christmas & New Year's and it has to be driving distance.  Both are fine with me.  I have plenty of research I can do within driving distance.  This year we are going to research in Montgomery County, Ohio.  We stay at the hotel right across the street from the Record Center & Archives.  Its four minutes door step to door step.  Does it get any better than that?  (They won't let me stay locked in so this is best option!)  So I'm busy prepping my to do list.  Several blocks away is the main branch of their library - loaded with all sorts of newspapers & other information. 

The big Christmas dinner is here at the Krugman castle and the menu is in place, the shopping is done, the tree is decorated - all that is left is for Santa to come and put all the goodies in the stockings hanging down on the fireplace.  Our son is home for the holidays from his job in Texas.  Mom is here from Florida.  Mr. Brown Eyes is done with work after a few hours today.  It's prime family time!  Four generations together again this year for the Christmas holiday!

I'd like to take this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous, safe New Years!  Genealogy Frame of Mind is going to take a break.  We'll return January 2nd with more great newspaper articles, vital records and much more on all the lines we've been researching! 

See you next year!

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