01 January 2013

Happy New Year!

We're back!  I know I said it would be January 2nd but I thought I'd toss this out anyway.   Hope your new year is off to a safe & healthy start! 

Did you make any new year resolutions?  Honestly I try not to, but I do have a few goals in mind. Of course one or two are genealogical in nature -

--I'd love to see my McCune brick wall come down.  The only real brick wall I have in my mom's line down in Montgomery County, Ohio.  Who is the father of John McCune?  At one point I thought I had it but further research just didn't work out and John is still parentless.  You'll see a blog on this in the future.

--Seriously hoping to find time to do more indexing for FamilySearch.  I think the work that is being done there, the free records that are available to genealogists is outstanding.  Doing indexing there is just one little way to give back to a community that gives so much to everyone.

--Hoping to continue with the continuation of reorganizing my office and updating my files.  Using my scanner to scan documents and linking the images in Legacy is an ongoing project but one that I find to be very rewarding.  Locating sources for the items that entered when I began this journey over 20 years ago and didn't source them is another big focus for me.  I can't begin to stress how important sourcing is!

I'm a homebody at heart (despite all my traveling), and the rest of my "goals" are primarily things that involve my home and other hobbies such as my sewing and flower gardens.  So I've got plenty to keep me busy in 2013.

What "goals" did you set for 2013?

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Grant Davis said...

Happy New Year! This will be a busy year for me doing genealogy as well. I'll be working on my blog, starting a new one, possibly working in a family history center, and working on a book about my research. I started on Geneabloggers about three months ago, and it has been an awesome experience. I received "An Early Christmas Gift" as a result of looking up information about my gg grandfather and the letters he wrote which I am posting. I wrote about it on the last blog I did last year. It was great to have a community where I could share this experience.