02 January 2013

Wedding Wednesday

Gospel Messenger,  20 JAN 1934, Pg. 27

Eichhorn – Early  - Dec. 28, 1933, at the Bride’s home, the home of the undersigned, Gaylord Eichhorn of Troy, Ohio and Genevieve Early.
 --S.P. Early, Roaring Spring, Pa

  The week between Christmas & New Years Mr. Brown Eyes always takes me away for a few days of research.  This year we spent some time researching in three different locales in the area of Dayton, Ohio.  
  Thursday we spent at the Dayton Public Library getting obituaries using their obituary index for some of my "wants", others we had to search for.  Friday we worked at the Montgomery County Records & Archive Center.  Saturday we spent at the Brethren Heritage Center in Brookville.

I enjoy using all of these places to research the families I have in the Montgomery County area.  Today's wedding entry I found in the Brethren Heritage Center.  The Heritage center has a very large collection of Brethren periodicals, mainly newspapers.  They are indexed and the staff there is very knowledgeable regarding the indexes and the collection in general.  I had about 48-50 items on my to do list and the only items I didn't get were items that were in three issues that they did not have of The Gospel Messenger.  

Most of the entries that day were obituaries I was seeking on the Early family out of Rockingham County, Virginia.  While looking for the obituary of one of that family I just happened to notice the above under "Matrimonial".  I couldn't leave it there. 

 Genevieve Early is the daughter of Simon P. Early (1874-1948) and his wife, Emma Wine.  

 You'll be seeing more of the Early family in weeks to come as I have plenty of items I want to share.  They were in Rockingham County, Virginia and then migrated thru Pennsylvania (where some remained) into parts of southwestern Ohio and then into Illinois and Missouri.  

Happy Researching!

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