14 December 2012

Its Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas

Seems like just yesterday was Fourth of July and here we are singing about reindeer and snowmen.  My how time flies. I wrote a few days ago about my mom being here for a visit and the time we've been spending together.  Its been interesting looking at photo's with her.  The ones I am enjoying the best are the ones of the holidays.

The pictures of the holidays - mostly the Christmas ones seem to bring back the most interesting memories.  My family has always been one full of lots of laughs and sometimes mischief.  I find it interesting listening to my mom and the stories that the pictures of Christmas past brings to her mind.  She'll be looking at an photo and suddenly I hear, "I remember that year, it was the year Herman...." and she'll go into a very detailed description of one of his silly antics or something someone else did - usually around Christmas but not excluding other holidays. 

I would say that about 97% of her memories so far have been funny and full of all sorts of great stuff.  I think the saddest one was the photo's of us kids the Christmas when dad was killed.  I saw tears although she made every effort to keep things the way they were when he was alive. 

Another thing I find interesting is that she looks at us three kids with packages and she can tell me what was in the wrapped boxes.  Sometimes I remember it the same.  I must admit I am surprised at just how good her memory is. 

Having her here and listening to the things she is sharing with me reminds me that genealogy is about more than just names & dates - its about families and the history they make & share together.  

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