12 December 2012

Adventures Down Memory Lane

My mom is here.  She arrived in early November for 3 months.  As a result of her being here I have been chatting with her about the things she remembers from her "younger" years.  Memories of her parents, grandparents and siblings.

After a day of being out together I'll go in my database and record things she shared.  We've chatted about photo's, what was going on when this picture was taken or that picture... She's been a wealth of information.

Given that mom is now 76 years old (she'll tell you her age, she doesn't care!) I do find an occasional hiccup in the memory process.  But having the time to chat with her, to get her take on things is just a gold mine for me as a genealogist.  She is the oldest of my grandparents five children so she saw things sometimes the others didn't.

So glad I'm getting this time to chat with her.  Puts a new spin on some of those old photo's.

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