18 January 2013

Are You Serious? Really?

I'm always leery when I go poking around on Ancestry.  It's been so long since I've found anything there worth really considering even noting in my files. 

Its a love hate relationship.  I'd love to be hopeful that someone there has original work but I hate the fact that if there is original work there I haven't yet found it.

Late yesterday I went looking for a family there just to see what I could find.  There were four trees that matched the family I wanted.  Interesting - four sources.  Okay we'll look at this one.  Hmmmmmpppphhhhh  four sources, all census, didn't really tell me anything I didn't know.  So this person has images of wills but the stuff in the wills doesn't match what is on the charts.  Numerous questions with no answers posted - ok maybe it was in a private conversation. 

BUT if you can source with a census why not tell us where you got the birth date and your statement that he was born in Scotland?   How can you show his will but have the wife dying in 1856, but she's very clearly named BY NAME in the will as being very much alive (1865) at that time?   Why are ALL your dates 01 JAN XXXX ...   I know that's a default for most genealogy software, but even when you are estimating on the death you still have a birth date with 01 JAN.  

While we're discussing the things on this entry, lets talk about the marriage that you have in Indiana in 1741, you know, when Indiana wasn't even a place yet?  I doubt this couple even ever left West Virginia or Virginia but marrying in Indiana?  REALLY? 

I used to think that if I could find a tree that had some sources maybe there was hope.  This one made me truly doubt that.  I left questions in the comments, lots of questions.  I guess the real question is will this person even try to answer?   Seriously?  Really? 

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