25 February 2013

Military Monday - A Pardon

  Head-Quarters U.S. Forces
 Thomasville, GA  May 16, 1865.
  I, the undersigned, David A. J. Hesters a Private of the 29th Regiment of Geo. Volunteers do solemnly swear that I will not bear arms against the United States of America, or give any information, or do any military duty whatsoever until regularly exchanged as a prisoner of war.
                                  David (X) A.J. Hesters
                                        his mark
     Description: Height, 6 feet; Hair, Black; Eyes, Black; Complexion, Dark

   I certify that the above parole was given by me on the date above written, on the following conditions:  The above named person is allowed to return to his home, not to be disturbed by the military authorities of the United States as long as he observes this parole and obeys the laws which were in force previous to January 1, 1861, where he resided.
  By order of Brig. Gen. Em.M. McCook.
          /s/Thos L. Scott
           Lieutenant Commanding Post

  David A.J. Hester was my 3rd great grandfather.  He was married 18 DEC 1851 in Thomas County, Georgia to Millie Ann Clay.  They were the parents of four children, Mary Anne, Martha Jane, Hardy and Angeline. 

David died 10 APR 1867 in Thomas County, Georgia of Chronic Diarrhea, probably contracted while in the Confederate service.  His burial location is unknown to the compiler, although it is believed by many that he rests with Millie in the Pine Forest Cemetery in Grady County, Georgia.  This remains unproven. 

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