21 February 2013

Tragedy Thursday

 Woman Going Across Street Killed By Auto
     Mrs. Mary Stuck, 86 Years Old, Is Victim of Accident
             Resided in City Her Entire Life
  Mrs. Mary Stuck, 86, of 569 S. Broadway, died in St. Elizabeth Hospital at 4:20 pm Saturday, an hour after she was hit by an auto while she was walking across the intersection of Broadway and Gale Ave.  Police were told that Mrs. Stuck became confused in the traffic.
  The auto was operated by Frederick Sandusky, 610 Washington St., according to officers who investigated.  R.S. Zink, 519 Wisconsin Blvd, conveyed the injured woman to the hospital in his auto.  Policemen Broedling and Dixon tested Sandusky's car and found it to be in good mechanical order.  Sandusky was interviewed by Sergt. George Saunders at police headquarters and was ordered to report to Traffic Inspector T.C. Grundish at 9 am Monday.  That merely is a formality and he probably will not be arrested.
   Mrs. Stuck was a lifelong resident of Edgemont and was widely known in that community.  She was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Bolender, and was born at the Bolender home in Edgemont, Feb. 5, 1843.  Her parents died many years ago and four sisters and three brothers also preceded her in death.  She was the last survivor of a once large family.
   Despite her age she was very alert for one of her years and enjoyed robust health.  She went everywhere and enjoyed life to the utmost.  It was while she was returning from the grocery that the fatal accident occurred.
   Mrs. Stuck was a member of the Miami Chapel U.B. church during her entire life and had once been very active in the church.
  Her husband, Peter Stuck, preceded her in death 23 years ago. Survivors include three sons, William Stuck, with whom she made her home at 569 S. Broadway, Edward and James Stuck and Mrs. Luther Nicholas.  There are also nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

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