11 February 2013

Monday Musings

After finishing my project of naming, labeling, cropping & linking all my scanned images I took a day or two and pondered what to work on next. 

I've got all my images sorted and stored in folders on my hard drive.  Most are sorted by surname (direct line from pedigree charts), with the exception of Vital Records (sorted under that by state & county), Newspapers and headstones (sorted by cemetery name).  

When I first started to gather images I had everything just stored under the surname header it belonged to.  I decided that perhaps that needed to be modified.  So now everything is being moved so that it fits more into the patterns I want.  So ALL vital records (birth/death/marr) are all stored under vital records.  All newspapers (obits/news stories/ marriage columns) are now in one place.  The headstones have ALWAYS been under headstones.  No discussion even needed on that one.  With them all filed under the cemetery they are buried in it makes it very easy to find.  And I like it that way. 

I was sort of seriously dreading this task until I did a handful and found out that the software is intuitive enough that it knows when I move the items and it goes ahead and puts the new link in place!  WOWSERS!  Worry gone! 

Should be done with all the moving around by the end of this week!  Already pondering next project....

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Sherri Moon said...

Great idea- thanks. As you know I'm starting on family photos with my Mom and this gives us some good ideas!