14 March 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Memories

As many know I spent some time last spring in Europe.  Belgium to be more exact.  While there we did do some "exploring".  One Friday the question was asked of me - "would you rather go to Paris or go find some ancestral churches?"   Gee that's tough...  I chose the churches of course!

In about 1725 in the village of Freckenfeld, Germany a child named Johann Michael Ott was born to parents Johann F. Ott and his wife Etta.  In my Treasure Chest Thursday entry for this week I offer these...

Yes indeed we visited the village where my ancestor(s) lived, walked and worshipped.   The road sign above shows the entryway into the village of Freckenfeld.  The one church in the village, according to signs at the church was built in the late 1600's.  And finally the bottom image of the cemetery, so very well tended.  And yes, there were quite a few names we recognized in the cemetery, most of them on the side of my 7th great grandmother, Maria Susanna Helck.   Maria & Johann Michael both came to the states and died in Frederick County, Maryland.   Paris or stand on the ground where my ancestors walked,....  yep, you guessed it - I chose to stand where they stood, walk where they walked.

Never in a million zillion years did I ever think that I would even step foot in Europe let alone visit the villages of my ancestors.  I am so thankful that the opportunity was offered and I was able to accept. 

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Chris said...

This is so cool. Wish I could do this myself. I have ancestors from Germany who owned vineyards, named Cogar.