06 May 2013

Monday Musings...

Well, after 9 days on the road, I'm back home.  We got back and promptly stepped back into the routine we call life.

Gotten used to my new Mac, it helped taking it on the road.  I had a chance to use it when we were in Salt Lake City researching.  More on the research there along with the findings just as soon as I get a chance to get those pages scanned.  It was awesome to say the least.

After many gedcoms and much pondering, thinking and rethinking I've decided that I'm going to do what I need to do to make REUNION genealogy software work for me.

I've loaded my latest gedcom and I've started to correct the sources.  I also figured out that anything that I had in my notes and made bold now has a series of characters both in front and behind.  Luckily I didn't do that very often.  I'm spoiled by Legacy allowing me to search for females either by their birth surname or their married surname.  I haven't quite figured out how to make that happen (if at all) in Reunion. 

So yes, I do have some work to do, but I really think it will be fine in the long run.  If I decide to give up I've always got Legacy sitting over in Parallels.  Lets hope not!

On the brightest side, we find out today (if baby cooperates) what the gender of the new grandbaby is...  Did I mention I bought a pink t-shirt on our trip just for the new granddaughter errrr grandbaby?

Happy Researching!

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