27 June 2013

Making My List And Checking It Twice

Its almost here.  Saturday we start our yearly research trip to Ohio.  It seems no matter how hard I try I just keep finding more I need to get while we are there.  So the list making continues.

All my lists were kept on my Legacy genealogy software, that is currently under review since I switched to Reunion.  Not quite sure exactly what I am going to do about the situation now.  But that's something I'll deal with when I return. 

I have a to do list for each repository that we will be visiting while on the road.  So I'm tweeking each list, putting on someone or something new, removing something else.  We finish off the trip in Fort Wayne - and that list is never ending - its comb bound and its continually updated.

So for today its laundry & lists...  and hopefully some blogs for next week!

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