12 June 2013

Talk About A Learning Curve!

The change from PC to Mac is hard enough but toss in the switch from Legacy to Reunion and boy do you have a learning curve.

Hence my not having regular posts up this past week.  The move to Reunion has been challenging to say the least.  I'm at least comfortable navigating my way around Reunion now, although there are still some challenges.

The two biggest I am working with right now are all the linked images that WERE linked in Legacy but are now just hanging around in the photo file waiting to be RELINKED.  Problem that made things challenging is that in Legacy I can could link my images to my facts.  HUH? you say...  well its like this -
If I have a will I can could link the scanned images of the will to the WILL FACT.  That was Legacy. In Reunion,  there is no linking to facts, everything is linked to the person.  So all my images for any given person, whether the images are a birth certificate, a will and some land deeds, they all are linked to his one and only image file.  Only ones that can be linked separately are items to do with the marriage.  

I must say I really am not fond of this feature, it bugs me.  But, not only can I not link them back to my facts, but unless the image was a preferred image linked to the PERSON when it was in Legacy, I have to go back in to each and every person and relink all the wills, deeds, newspaper articles etc that were previously all nicely linked.  NO LIKE!  

The other big issue that I am dealing with is the SOURCE list.  Anyone who knows me knows that sourcing is a big deal.  So I have about 1800 source items.  It has them all as "free form".  I am having to go into each one, classify it as a book, periodical or something else.  It then gives me choices of what items to list - call number, author, library etc etc.   Not the most fun I've had in a long time.  Another feature that has me miffed.  NO LIKE!

The programs available to genealogists for the MAC are just so limited so you get to pick the lesser of the evils and make the best of it.  I'm sure that in time, once I get these little "miffs" taken care of my thoughts on how irritating this whole process was will pass.  Until then....  well, lets just say,  the hormones aren't the only thing driving me crazy!

Happy Researching!

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Mrs. Mac said...

I was tempted to buy a Mac two weeks ago as recommended by a cousin .. but another cousin talked me out of it (LOL) and I ended up with a HP laptop with Windows 8 AND a new wireless printer. Change is hard. I'm sure in a few weeks you'll have the hang of the new system.