19 September 2013

Cousins.... Yes, We Are Cousins!

Last evening as I was headed out the door for dinner with Mr. Brown Eyes my phone vibrated.  Thinking perhaps it was the daughter in labor, I quickly retrieved the phone.   The email basically stated that she had found my blog, was a Krugman, and wondered if I could tell her anything about her Krugman lineage?

We chatted back and forth, I relayed to her that Mr Brown Eyes descended from John Krugmann (no the double "n" is not a typo) and Anna Dute Krugmann his wife.  Imagine my surprise when she replied that she also descended from John & Anna.   Mr. Brown Eyes and Marcia have ancestors that were brothers.

We chatted some more this morning, she has photo's, we have photo's and there's some sharing going on.  Now how awesome is that!  I've found lots of cousins but nothing this close on Mr. Brown Eye's lines before!  So we are really excited!   Now on to the fun stuff, comparing notes, exchanging photo's and just enjoying the exchange!

Pretty much as awesome as a week could get, unless of course the daughter decides to birth that beautiful baby boy she's carrying!

Happy Researching!

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Jana Last said...

How fun! Congrats on this cousin finding you through your blog and on the upcoming birth of your grandbaby!