04 November 2013

Monday Musings

Between speaking, my mom's emergency run to the hospital and the birth of the grandson, it seems like the past few weeks just flew by. 

Pretty much resolved myself to staying in Parallels for my genealogy software, not crazy about it, but like that option more than I like the other options.

Working on my OTT File today.  I descend from Johann Micheal Ott who was born ca1725 in Freckenfeld, Germany.   When we were in Germany last year I had the opportunity to visit the village and church where the family worshiped.  What a feeling that was. 

Not really looking to add to my OTT file right now,  just going thru and making changes, cleaning up names, surnames, dates and such.  Sort of something you need to do now and then. 

How are you spending your Monday?


Michigan Girl said...

Hi Karen,
So happy about your Mom and congrats on the new grandson!
I was just wondering if you would share or enlighten me as to what Parallels is? Is it a software database? Never have heard of it. I use Legacy and love it. Began on FTM 10 yrs ago and switched 3 yrs later and never looked back. Oh, just thought of something. Is Parallels a Mac program? I use a PC so I'm not as familiar.
Anyway, thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...

Trying to digest all the GREAT suggestions you shared during your Saturday presentation!! What a weekend!! Thank You!!

Karen Krugman said...

Thanks for reading GFOM! Its always great to hear from readers.
Parallels is software for the MAC that allows some Windows software to run on their machines. In this case its allowing LEGACY to run on MAC in their version of the Window's world. I just can't find a MAC software that runs genealogy the way I want it. So Parallels it is!

Karen Krugman said...

Dear Unknown!
I wish you had left a name so I could say thanks more personally. Mark & I really enjoyed the entire day. Such a great group of people and so eager to learn genealogy!
Thanks for coming to the seminar and thanks for checking out my blog!