27 January 2014

Monday Musings

Last week was just a long week.  I can't say I did alot of genealogy because to be honest I didn't.  A week ago my dear friend Micheal passed away.  I can't say we were bosom buddies or anything.   The three of us often shared dinner together when we were in Dayton.  We spent hours discussing genealogy - the process, the successes, the brick walls, mostly we talked about how much we enjoyed doing genealogy.  We laughed so much sometimes I cried.  Michael's passing is sad, really sad.  It's always sad when you loose someone dear to you, but Michael's loss was a big one for the genealogy world because he was the most sharing person I've ever known.  He shared his research with anyone who asked, anyone who was researching what he was researching.  No strings attached.  He just shared.

I'll miss him,  I'll miss his laughter, his gentle spirit, his sharing.

RIP Michael.

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Carol said...

Very sorry to hear this Karen, prayers for Michael, his family and devoted friends. May the memories be sweet and powerful and positive.