17 January 2014

Friday Already?

I can't say I've done alot of genealogy this week.  I've been busy working at Ford - doing a little volunteer work.  Its good to give back to the community in some way, no matter if its big or small,  every little bit helps. 

One of the benefits of being able to volunteer where I do is that I do get a wee bit of down time here and there, so if I have my computer along (which I always do!) I can do a bit of surfing. 

One of my brick walls is the family of my third great grandmother, Henrietta Hegele.  I've not done alot of work on her line, I do know who her parents are, John George Hegele (b.ca 1801 Germany) and his wife, Henrietta.  Don't know her maiden name YET.  I also know that Henrietta has siblings, Christian, John, Christiana & Mary.    On one of my downtimes I decided to see if I could find them after they entered this country.  I knew when Henrietta married John Peterman (1852) but beyond that not much. 

I finally found them in Cincinnati, Hamilton County, Ohio.  Now I have more definite dates and a place to begin searching for more information on the family.  A few minutes here and there sometimes yeilds more results than hours...  amazing. 

Have a great weekend!

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