12 February 2014

Ansley - Norris Wedding (1921)

 Norris - Ansley
  Warrenton, Ga., Dec. 27 -- The marriage of Miss Louise Ansley and Mr. G.C. Norris was quietly solemnized at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, Dec. 24, 1921, at the Baptist pastorium of Thomson, Ga.  There were no attendants nor were there any formal invitations sent out and the only guests present were the immediately[sic] family connections.
  The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.T. Ansley, living near Camak, she was a member of the senior class of Camak High School, and will be missed by her numerous class mates.  The bride is noted for her loveable and kind disposition.
  The bride wore a brown coat suit and had and carried an arm full of ___ roses.  Immediately after the wedding the bride and groom left for Augusta where they spend Sunday night with relatives, then Sunday morning the happy couple left for Savannah to spend a few days during the Christmas holidays.  After the bridal tour the couple left for Jacksonville, Fla., where they will make their future and happy home.
  After the arrival in Jacksonville on Sunday night, a sumptious wedding supper was ready and waiting for the bride and groom.
  Very best wishes for the new years, and many many happy wishes are extended to this happy couple for their future married life at the home in Jacksonville.

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