17 February 2014

Military Monday - Andrew Hurst (Union) Pension (1897)

I find it very interesting to see the differences in the question formats used by the Union & Confederate military organizations. 

I also got a bit of humor from the line used in the questionaire below, "The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your family."   Little they did they know that it would be very helpful to his family 110+ years after he signed this form. 

Andrew Hurst is a third cousin to Mr. Brown Eyes.

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      Southern Division
     _______ No. 599666
    Andrew Hurst
   Co. I, 2nd Reg't, Tenn Vol. Cav.                     Department of the Interior
                                                                           Bureau of Pensions
                                                                           Washington, D.C.  Sept. 3, 1897

Sir: Will you kindly answer at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below?  The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your family.
     Very Respectfully,
        J. H. (L.?) ___________   acting commissioner

Mr. Andrew Hurst
 Girard, Crawford Co. Kansas

No. 1 Are you a married man?  If so, please state your wife's full name and her maiden name.
Answer:  Yes, her full name is Harriet L. Williams, died Oct. 1st, 1887.
No. 2. When, where and by whom were you married?  Answer: Married Oct 20/65 at Severe (Sevier) Co. Tenn, by Rev. Wm. Ogle
No. 3. What record of marriage exists? Answer: I have family record and ______ in County Clerks office in Severe (Sevier) Co., Tennessee.
No. 4. Were you previously married?  If so please state the name of your former wife and the date and place of her death or divorce.  Never previously married or divorced.
No. 5. Have you any children living? If so please state their names and their dates of birth.  Answer: Lena Petty nee Hurst born June 4, 1870, Lee Harriet born July 2, 1872, Wm Hurst born July 8, 1874, Otto Hurst born Jany 10, 1877, Milas Hurst born Dec. 28, 1880, Mary Jane Allsi May 16, 1884.

Date of reply, Sept. 11, 1897
     /s/ Andrew Hurst

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Michigan Girl said...

Thanks for posting this Karen. I have never seen a southern pension card. Wow! Lots of great information.