10 February 2014

Military Monday - Physicians Affidafits (Civil War)

I love the physicians affidavits I've been finding on Fold3.  With all my civil war ancestors (so far) being Confederates, finding their papers on line has pretty much been a snap using Fold3.  Yes, it does cost a bit, but its still cheaper than other ways of getting the information.   The Physician Affidavits that I have found in the pension files have been informative and a rare look into the "after affects" of the civil war.  The reminders of what these men had to live with day after day long after the war ended. 

This affidavit is for Warren Clay, a great uncle of mine.  The affidavit was signed 6 APR 1895 and reads as follows -

   State of Georgia
   Thomas County
T.S. ____________ and W.W. Bruce, both known to me as reputable physicians of said county, who being severally sworn, say on oath that they have examined carefully Warren Clay, applicant for pension under the act of 1894, and after such personal examination, say that his precise physical condition is as follows:
  Fifty four years old, chronic bronchitis, general physical disability, which renders him partially disable to do any kind of work or labor.
  We further say on oath that the physical condition of applicant renders him unable to labor at any work or calling sufficient to earn a support for himself, and that we have no interest in said pension being allowed.
  Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the 6th day of April 1895. 

[The affidavit is signed by both physicians, but true to form the hand writing is not legible.]


Jana Last said...


I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in my Fab Finds post today at http://janasgenealogyandfamilyhistory.blogspot.com/2014/02/follow-friday-fab-finds-for-february-14.html

Have a wonderful weekend!

cindy said...

I agree! The Physician's Affidavits are an eye opener when it comes to seeing what kind of life our ancestors lived after the war. My 2x great grandfather was shot in the chest and lived, but the effects of that wound plagued him the rest of his life. My heart goes out to him and all the Civil War veterans for the pain and disabilities they must have endured for the rest of their lives.

Karen Krugman said...

Thanks Jana & Cindy for taking the time to visit and comment on Genealogy Frame of Mind. The physicians affidavits are fascinating but are also at times quite heart breaking.