03 February 2014

Military Monday - Confederate Pension Martha J. Clay (1919)

State of Georgia,
  Decatur County,
  Personally before me comes Mrs. Martha J. Clay of said State and County, and, after being duly sworn, says that she desires to apply for a pension allowed under the act of 1910, as amended by Act of 1919, and submit testimony to make out the same, true answers makes to the following questions to-wit -
 1. What is your name,  and where do you reside?  Martha J. Clay  Decatur County, Georgia
 2. How long and since when have you been a continuing resident of the State of Georgia?  All my life 70 years
 3. When, where and to whom were you married?  In Decatur County, Georgia to David H. Clay March 1876.
 a. Have you married since the death off first and soldier husband? No
 4. When, where and in what company and Regiment did your husband enlist as a soldier in Confederate Army or Georgia Militia? (State the arms and class of service) At Decatur Georgia September 1861, Co. H 13th Georgia Infantry, obtained from husband after we were married in 1876.
 5. When and where did the commands of your husband surrender or discharge from the army?  I don't remember
 6. Was your husband personally present at the time of the surrender or discharge of this command?  Don't know
 7. If he was not present state clearly where he was? Don't know
 8. Where was his command when he left? Don't know
 a. For what cause did he leave his command? Don't know
 b. By whose authority did he leave his command? Don't know
 c. For how long was he granted leave of absence?  -----
 e. What was his physical condition when he left his command? Don't know
 f. What effort did he make to return to his command? ----
 g.. In what way was he prevented from going back to command? ----
 h. Was he captured by the enemy at any time?  Don't know
 i.  If so, when and where captured and where held as a prisoner, and when and for what cause released? ---
 j. When and where did your first husband die?  He died in Decatur County, Georgia in 1903
 k. Were  you residing together when he died?  Yes
 l. If not, how long had you resided apart? ----
 m. Are you now a widow? Yes
 9.  Have you or your husband heretofore been paid a pension by the state?  No
  If so, when and for what cause were you or your husband placed on the roll? ----

Sworn and subscribed before me this the 15th day of Sept 1919
/s/ T.B. Maxwell Ordinary of Decatur County, Georgia
/s/ Martha J. Clay

[For those of you with "eagle eyes" no there is not a typo in the above typed pension file - there was no letter "d" in the question listing.]

Source: Martha J. Clay Confederate Pension File,  State of Georgia, compiler, Georgia Confederate Pension Applications (Microfilmed) (Atlanta,  Georgia: State of Georgia, 1962)
Index MicoCopy #4_262, Roll #8, Clark - Corbin

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