21 April 2014

Monday Musings

So much to do, so little time.  I was surprised today when I came time to do my blog for today, to discover that my laptop was still in my bag from Thursday!  I was amazed!  Hardly a day goes by that I am not on the laptop working on my file in some way.  When I mentioned to Mr Brown Eyes that I had not been on the laptop he just laughed.

We hosted Easter here for our kids & grandkids.  Lots of laughs, food and time together. 

I'm back to working on all my images.  Naming, cropping and linking, checking each and every image to make sure that all are properly linked & named.  We aren't even going to discuss numbers on that project.  If I saw how many images I actually have linked, I might just run the other way.

I also started working on a sourcing project last week.  Modifying all my sources to make sure they are properly done and the information on each one is correct.  A lot of my sources are items in the Allen County Public Library catalog so I can copy & paste lots of the information straight from their catalog to my source.  Does make things easier.

And of course working on the to do list for the research trip to Allen County as well.

What are YOU working on this week??

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Anonymous said...

Just thought I'd pop in today to read your blog. Great dinner yesterday, thanks for hosting! Proud to be your daughter, you are awesome! My boys adore you and dad! I am so lucky!