05 May 2014

Monday Musings - Are There No Limitations Anywhere?

So here we are!  Day three researching in Ft Wayne.  I've already found quite a bit of stuff.  Good stuff.

But I've got to ask - Are there no limitations anywhere?  I remember growing up and when we were in school and went to the library, we were always told that people were reading or studying and that we were to be quiet.  Fast forward XX years.  Doesn't seem that way anymore.

It would  seem that anything goes anymore.  I will admit that I do my best "studying" when its at least semi-quiet.  Granted you can't always get that.  I do understand its not always possible.  But in a library?  Really?

It seems that some of the "offenders" are people who work here.  One reason I sit where I sit is because I want to avoid alot of chatter.  I want to be able to focus on what I am reading.  On Saturday  a lady managed to make her way into the area where I have set up camp.  She was older and a little slow moving.  She was SO LOUD,  she sent her "son/nephew/grandson" to get a desk worker to help her.  HUH?  She walked right past the desk to get here...  anyway the desk worker was even more loud.  It was impossible to even hear yourself think.   When I went to the desk to inquire about the racket, I was told "this isn't a hush hush library"...  So let me get this straight,  Its okay to be loud and noisy, doesn't matter at all?  Seriously?  I had headphones on and I could hear those two.

Now today, chatty Cathy and her co-worker who are typing in city directories have been chatting quite vocally now for over 45 minutes.  Desk works go by and no one seems to care.  Its almost like the library has taken on a coffee shop type atmosphere.  I must say I'm disappointed.  Cell phones going off, people holding conversations, desk workers who talk so loud you  can hear  them in adjoining rooms?  REALLY?   Maybe that's why alot of people stay home and research on line... they don't want to deal with these sort of things.    I dunno...  what do you think??

FYI - the desk worker did come and apologize for being overly loud.  Apology accepted.

Happy (and noise diminished) Researching!


Anne Kruszka said...

yes it is crazy and it is the new norm.

Laura Cosgrove Lorenzana said...

I don't agree that it's the new normal, not if you don't want it to be. I've been to the ACPL a half dozen times, including during FGS when it was literally standing room only. Was there a quiet buzz with all those people? Absolutely. Did we police ourselves when we got too loud? Yes.

There's several ways to resolve this when it happens. If you didn't get the response you expected from the person at the desk, I would've asked for a suggestion as to where I could sit for some quiet research space. Her office perhaps? Or, maybe Curt Witcher (the Center's Manager)could help you find a quiet spot? Or, perhaps they could move the lady who just came in who is too loud for that area of the Library? Lots of options. Don't give up on your Library. Take back the quiet. :-)