04 April 2014

Really? A Month? Yeah A Month! BUT....

It was worth it, at least for me.  I have gotten so much done in my office.  I've now gotten EVERYTHING that was laying around all scanned.  Much of it is named, cropped and linked.  But there is SO MUCH MORE to do yet.

I do have some "non genealogy" stuff around that needs to get put elsewhere.  I did get my closet all re-organized which I've been needing to do since I moved in 7 years ago.  I love my plants so there's probably way too many of them in here as well.  Everything in this office is "me"... plants, photo's ... you know, STUFF.

How much stuff do you keep in your office that isn't genealogy?  We won't even go into the book shelves, full of all my genie books.  I need to go thru those next...

NEXT?  Yes, there's always another project in the works?  Mine include cleaning up my sourcing and  going thru all my books to see if I missed any gold mines since my last flip thru.

I "attended" the Legacy Family Tree Webinar on sourcing in Legacy.  I never knew it was so easy.  My sources were done on my own, and now after seeing how easy Legacy has made it,  I want to convert all of mine over.  Sadly, that project will be one slated for another time, as it will be a major undertaking.

Maybe all this is the forerunner to my spring cleaning - with all the snow we had its made for a long winter here in Michigan.  I'm looking forward to spring SOON!

Thanks for waiting for me to return!  What have you been up to while I was working on my project??


Michigan Girl said...

Hurray for you Karen. Not unlike what I just did with the big closet cleanup (which also included the office itself) and I blogged about it. What a HUGE relief! Doesn't it feel great?
Of course there are always more projects, but I can sit and research now, guilt free.
Hooray for us!

Karen Krugman said...

It does indeed feel awesome! Its also MUCH easier to locate things now that everything is all cleaned and straightened. I'm enjoying the being able to see the top of my desk. Of course I'm already working on a new project so onward we go!
Thanks for following my blog and commenting! Always good to hear from YOU!

Jana Last said...

Congratulations on what you've accomplished! I have so much to do in the way of scanning and organizing too.

I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today's Fab Finds post at http://janasgenealogyandfamilyhistory.blogspot.com/2014/04/follow-friday-fab-finds-for-april-11.html

Have a wonderful weekend!