07 April 2014

So What's Next ?

On Friday I wrote about how I finally had the paperless office!  Took me a year and I will admit I still have images to crop, link and transcribe on the flash drive.  While that all was in process I started to look at the information that I do have.

I've come to the realization that there are quite a few things I need/want to do in my data base.  In doing all this linking & transcribing you see holes.  Sometimes in places you really don't want to see them.  Like maybe in the direct line.

I've always told the people who attend my talks that doing your "census homework" was a primary to do for working in genealogy.  While I was cropping & linking I was adding to my to do list.  Simple things like a death certificate here,  an obituary there....  and then it hit me!  So many were still missing some of their census.

I follow all the lines of my ancestors, not just the direct line down to me, but the siblings of my ancestors and their down lines as well.  I find so many times that when I can't find MY ancestor if I go looking for his siblings or other relatives that I find the ancestor as well.  Although I don't consider the census primary (that's another discussion!), I do consider it important.

So my next project is to get on top of all the census I need for those who are missing them.  This should be interesting!

Happy Researching!

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