22 September 2014

Monday Musings - As The World Turns

The leaves on the trees are starting to show their beautiful colors.  Nothing more beautiful here in SE lower Michigan than fall.  Beautiful colors everywhere you look.  What does that mean for me?  More time in my office and less time out in my flower gardens.

We returned from vacation and our daughter was in an auto accident.  Pretty bad when you consider she was doing 15 when hit 1 the other driver running an out of order traffic light doing 50. But she is doing very well,  baby Jacob bit his tongue but it hasn't stopped him smiling, and that unborn baby she is carrying,  its fine too!  We are blessed!

We have discovered that we are to have another grandson! Yep, that baby that was so well protected by his awesome mom by staying away from that exploding airbag is a bouncing beautiful baby boy!  I am excited.  We are blessed!

Hard to believe that Jacob will be a year old in the next week.  He's into everything, he's so busy ALL. THE. TIME.  He wears me out.  I guess that's why 50 something women don't birth babies (usually?).  He's just beautiful like all my grandsons are.

Genealogy?  Family History?  Those are all family history.  Our family history and such an important part of our lives.

On the genealogy front, I've been cropping and naming images, I have about 1200.  Its coming along quite nicely!  Also working my friend Jim in Ft Wayne in publishing some cemetery records and the one family line that we share.  Add to that the three new talks I'm working on and you've got alot of typing going on.  I'm inspired by the blogs I read, so many productive women do so many great things.  Such an opportunity to learn.  I am in awe!

Enjoy your day!

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