30 October 2014

The Windsor Hotel & The Ansley Mirror

Many moons ago we stumbled into a gem.  No, this isn't a commercial for a hotel but it is very good reason to visit one.  First of all,  I have no ties to this hotel, I'm getting no kick backs or anything BUT,  it is a great place to stay. We stayed there in 1986 or 1987 and it was great!  My interest in this hotel lies in the Ansley Mirror which is in the lobby of this historic hotel, The Windsor.  There are alot of really great images, several of which have the Ansley mirror in them on the link provided.  Below you see the story of the mirror and how it came to stand in the lobby of the Windsor Hotel.  Sorry for the reflections in the photo's. 

Two shots of the mirror, one taken from across the room, the other from a bit closer.  It is a very large mirror with a small marble seat the goes across the front of the mirror.  It is beautiful up close, the images below do not do it justice.  The hotel has quite a business of weddings, many brides come there to be photographed in front of the mirror, as they can see the back of the dress in the large mirror as well.
Wish that while light hanging in the images was not so prominent but it is what it is.  If you want to stop in and see the mirror for yourself (Ansley cousins) feel free, the hotel staff is used to people stopping in to see the mirror.   If you are an Ansley descendant this ranks right up there with the Rock house for ancestral places to visit. 

Happy Researching!

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