08 June 2015

Monday Musings

Back from NGS, Back from Canada.  Office is still not back together. But I did take two boxes of files to work on in Canada while Mr Brown Eyes was working.  Didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but every little bit helps. 

One thing is for sure, that old adage about review, review, review, sure is true. 

Last year I went thru my other files and got them all in my computer.  This year is all the older stuff, most of which has not been out of the file cabinet since 1998.  How do I know 1998?  Last time I reviewed these files I dated the folders so I could keep tabs.  It's definitely been TOO long for sure!

I've finally gone ahead and made the big switch - I moved from Legacy, which I really loved, into Reunion.  I've been on a Mac now for about 3 years, but I figured I would see if I could get some help and make Reunion work.  With some awesome help from a Facebook Reunion users group I managed to make enough changes in the Gedcom import to make the transition MUCH smoother than the last time I tried. 

I still have things to "fix" but nothing like I did when I tried many moons ago.  So things are moving right along.  The neat thing is that all but 106 of my images (links) worked!  I managed to get that corrected and now all 8,000+ images are showing!  That in its self is awesome!

Lastly,  if you see ads in this blog, particularly below this blog entry, they are not of my choosing. Blogger has decided to insert ads, so please just ignore the ads.  I have no control over them or the content in them.  If it were up to me, they would be GONE.... 

Happy Researching!


anitab said...

I continue to follow your blog. I am excited to know that you are using Reunion now - and I appreciate SO much knowing about the Reunion users group at Facebook! I have asked to be a member there, and look forward to benefiting from the posts there!

I also subscribe to the Reunion forum at http://www.reuniontalk.com - I get updates for all the new posts - especially interesting lately with the advent of Reunion 11.

I have also begun a gradual review of information I've found in the past - amazing to look at in some cases, in light of what I've learned more recently!
: )

Karen Krugman said...

Anita - Thanks so much for your comments and for continuing to follow GFOM. I've wanted to make the full jump to Reunion for a while but all the links not working etc before just didn't work for me.

Now that I have that all under control I mainly have the sources to "fix". Those are important so they will get fixed, but its something that is manageable and not overwhelming.

Review Review Review - Yes, it is important!

Happy Researching!