26 July 2016

Thomas Ansley - Wrightsboro, Georgia (1770)

The transcription below this document is no where near a complete and corrrect transcription of this document.  However,  It does give you a good idea of the terms that one had to deal with when you received land from the Province of Georgia.  If you click on the document you can enlarge it and read it better for yourself.  Source below image.

*Surveyor General Grants, Register of Book I, 1770-1774, Pg. 195, Drawer 52, Box 18 Georgia State Archives

       George The Third, bu the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth.  To All to whom these Presents shall ____, Greeting.  Know Ye, that we, of Our special Grace, certain knowledge, and ___ Motion,

Here Given and Granted, and by these Presents, for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, do Give and Grant unto Thomas Ansley his heirs and assigns all that lot of land in the Town of Wrightsboro known in the plan of the said Town by this No Twenty eight & also all that tract of land Containing two-hundred acres  ____   at ____ being in the said township in the parish of St Paul in our province of Georgia  Bounded _____ by land of John Murrray part South easterly by land of William Fammier Reed on all other sides by land vacant,

Having such Shape, Form, and Marks, as appears by a Plat thereof hereunto annexed, together with all Woods, Underwoods, Timber and Timber Trees, Lakes, Ponds, Fishings, Waters. Water Courses, Profits, Commodities, Hereditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever, thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaing, together also with privilege of Hunting, Hawking, and Fowling, in and upon the same, and all Mines and Minerals whatsoever;  Saving and Reserving, nevertheless, to us, Our Heirs and Successors, all White Pine Trees, if any should be found growing thereon; And also Saving and Reserving, to Us, Our Heirs and Successors, One tenth part of Mines of Silver and Gold only.  To Have and To Hold the said

Town lot of land and also two hundred acres of land -

and all and singular other the Premises hereby granted, with the Appurtenances, unto the said

Thomas Ansley his heirs and assigns forever

in free and common Soccage the said Thomas Ansley his 

 Heirs or Assigns, Yielding and Paying therefor, unto Us, Our Heirs and Successors, or to our Receiver General for the Time being, or to his Deputy or Deputies for the Time beingm yearly and every Year, on the Twenty Fifth Day of March, at the rate of Two Shillings Sterling for every Hundred Acres, and so in Proportion, according to the Quantity of Acres contained herein, the same to commence at the End and Expiration of Two Years from the Date Hereof.  Provided Always, and this present Grant is Upon Condition nevertheless, That ____  the said

Thomas Ansley his

Heirs or Assigns, shall and do, within three years after the Date hereof, For every Fifty Acres of plantable Land hereby granted, clear and work Three Acres at least,

in that Part thereof as his or they shall judge most convenient and advantageous, or else do clear and drain Three Acres of Swamp or sunken Grounds, or drain Three Acres of Marsh, if any such contained herein: and shall do, within the Time afoesaid, put and keep, upon every Fifty Acres thereof accounted barren, Three meat Cattle or Six Sheep or Goats, and continue the same thereon until Three Acres for every Fifty Acres be fully cleared and improved, or otherwise, if any Part of the said Tract shall be stoney or Rocky Ground, and not fit for Planting or Pasture, shall and do within Three years as afroesaid, begin to employ thereon, and so continue to work for Three Years then next ensuing, in digging any Stone Auarry, or Coal, or other Mine, One good and able Hand for every Hundred Acres, it shall be accounted a sufficient Cultivation and Improvement. Provided Also.  That Evewry Three Acres which shall be cleared and worked, or cleared and drained as aforesaid, shall be accounted a suffficient Seating, Planting , Cultivation and Improvement, to save for ever from Forfeiture, Fifty Acres of Land in any Part of the Tract hereby granted.  And the said

Thomas Ansley his

Heirs and Assigns, shall be at Liberty to withdraw his or their Stock, or to forbear working in any Quarry or Mine, in  Proportion to such Cultivation and Improvements as shall be made upon the plantable Lands, Swamps, sunken Grounds, or Marshes, herein contained.  And, if the said Rent hereby reserved shall happen to be in Arrear and unpaid, for the Space of One Year from the Time it shall be come due, and no Distress can be found on teh siad Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, hereby granted, that then, and in such Case, the said Lands, Tenements and Herediaments, hereby granted, and every Part and Parcel thereof, shall revert to Us, Our Heirs and Successors, as fully and absolutely as if the same had never been granted. Provided also, if this Grant shall not be duly registed in teh Register Office of OUr said Province, within six Months from teh Date hereof, and a Docquet thereof also entered in the Auditor's office of the same. That then this Grant shall be void, any thing herein contained to the fcontrary notwithstanding.  Given under the Great Seal of our Province of Georgia.  Witness our Trusty and Well Beloved

James Weigter Esq our Capt ________________ in Chief of our said Province, the sicth Day of November in the Year of OUr Lord, 1770 and in the Eleventh Year of Our Reign.


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