10 October 2016

Monday Musings

This past week I found myself working on several different projects - some very basic some rather detailed, but all part of staying on track with my genealogy.

The genealogy vacations that we took in June & July produced a ton of obits, colonial records, deeds and more.  I think (notice that word think?) I finally have all that scanned and lots of it is linked and typed in to my ancestors files.  A lot of what I had from that trip were images that I collected at various repositories and they need to be cropped and typed in, then linked.  It appears that most of that has been taken care of.

The hardest project I have going on is the stack or two of papers that I'm just not sure what to do with.  Some are small cemetery readings that I pick up here and there.  You know the kind,  its a small family cemetery, the one that PERHAPS one of your great great grandparents is in, only they aren't listed.  But someone else in the family is... maybe the great grandparent is there or maybe not..  but what to do with the listing?  Yeah, those sort of things.  BTW, I ended up putting that in the back of the County Cemetery book for that county that I bought back in 1990.  Not everything is on Find A Grave so those books still come in handy!  But I have a stack or two of those sort of things laying around.  So working on those too!

Lastly,  I am working on a couple of new talks.  For those who aren't familiar with me I also do speaking and I have a list of talks.  A few new ones are in the works.  Hope to get them up on my speakers page later this week.

Take all those genealogy projects and toss in getting the flower gardens ready for the winter,  decorating to some degree for the different holidays, and the sewing projects I'm working on for Christmas...  you get the idea!  But I wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy Researching!

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