03 July 2017

Monday Musings

To say I've been away for a while is rather an understatement.   But sometimes life gets in the way.   I've been doing genealogy - working here on the stuff on our families, but just not blogging about it.

Sometimes you just wonder if anyone out there is reading?  Sometimes you wonder if there is anyone out there even paying attention?  Is anyone really related?  Am I doing something that really matters?

The interesting thing is - yes, I found out people are reading, people are related and they are leaving comments, even though I wasn't blogging.  So I'm back.  For how long?  Can't say. 

The past year has been a good year for genealogy. I hired a pro-genie to work on my Kreitzer line in Germany and he was very successful with his search.  Perhaps I'll share that soon.  My personal work on my data base is on going.  Moving notes, changing things and researching. 

The grandsons are all growing and wanting to spend time at grandma & grandpa's,  not going to refuse them.  The flower gardens here are so beautiful but they too want our time, and of course we have Mr. Brown Eyes, who does enjoy seeing me step out of this office now & then. Finally throw in my sewing and the start of my Etsy Shop - KarmelleHome.   Lots of stuff handmade here in my home, on my sewing machine.  Sewing has been another of my loves since I started at the age of 7 or so.  My friend Michelle is also a partner in the Etsy Shop.   Stop on in and take a visit.  Maybe you'll find something you can't live without. 

If you enjoy the blog, or have in the past, thanks for reading.  If you find me because of something you see here, drop a note - I'd love to hear from you.  Cousins are always a pleasure to hear from. 

Happy Researching!

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