10 February 2010

No Place Like Home

Somewhere out there in our vast universe there are people who thrive on being away from home. I am NOT one of those persons. Don't get me wrong, I love going on research trips, traveling with Mark, but I love coming back home - and staying there. Especially when it is just ME at home. There are some days when nothing beats the sound of silence. Yep, no tv, no radio, no ipod, just the sound of total silence.

Yesterday with the snowstorm hitting the metro Detroit I took it as the perfect opportunity to stay home. I even told Mark to drive my hybrid as it is all wheel drive. After all who would ask ME to go out & drive in a rear wheel LS in this snow storm? NO ONE! So I stayed at home.

After a wee bit of straightening & picking things up here & there I quickly delved into some research.

The ancestors of Lewis Griffin (b ca1776) were the subject of my digging. After doing some work in the Georgia books here in my office I turned to Ancestry to see what I could find there, and then to Genealogybank & Find A Grave. I must say I had success at all three places working on the ancestors of Lewis. With all the information I found I've loaded up my to do list for the GRIFFIN line - a trip to Ft Wayne is now in order - so much to do so little time!

Alot of what I found I was able to confirm thru census records and obituaries, but some of the later info that I found posted on Ancestry will require some wills &/or land deeds to confirm. Using Ancestry as a road map, especially if you are fortunate enough to find a website that gives you sources is an awesome thing! Asking questions of the website owner is also a great thing - especially when they respond as this owner did when I contacted her.

When I do make it to Ft Wayne to research further on this line you can bet I'll share my findings with her. All in all it turned out to be a great research day, productive on both the homekeeping & the genealogy front.

After all, there really is no place like home!

Happy Researching!

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Gini said...

I agree Karen, I love home and especially love being home alone! No noise, no tv, no nothing! It gives me an opportunity to restore balance that is often needed to research and just think straight! My home is very noisy right now, not something I am use to, so, when I have those opportunities, I am extremely grateful! Thank you!