09 February 2010

The Slaves & The Planter's Will

I mentioned this article in passing on yesterday's blog. A bit of background and then I'll let you read the article. It was shared with me by a cousin of my husband's who also does genealogy.

Samuel Winstead, named in this article was born ca1778 in Virginia and died 1 JULY 1851 in Williamson County, Tennessee. He was married to Susannah Pryor ca1797. As you will see from this article Samuel Winstead was not your run of the mill slave owner.

Article shown is from The Nashville Tennessean Magazine, Aug.28, 1966. I post it here not for profit merely out of interest in the Winstead surname. I am going to just post it and let it "speak" for itself. I personally found it quite interesting. Remember that clicking on the article will open a larger version for reading. Use your back arrow to return to the blog.
You may have to enlarge the article in your viewing window. I had to really reduce it to get it to work on the blog.

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Sandra Taliaferro said...


The first page does not enlarge well for reading, but the second page was fairly easy to read after enlarging. This was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.