15 February 2010


When you see me post something that says Resource in the title you can be sure its a post on another great website with free records for you to use in your research. This one is from Preble County, Ohio. Give it a look see even if you don't have anyone who wandered over there YET!

The Preble County District Library has set up a collection entitled, "Genealogical & Historical Records of Preble County, Ohio". This collection is fabulous! It contains records such as marriages, obituaries, cemeteries, census, bible and more. A collection defintely worth checking out! The images are scanned images of the records in a fully searchable data base and date back into the early 1800's.

I've spent several days working on this site and here's a few examples of what I have found.

This marriage record between David Geeting & Christina Bickle dated August 1848. I've seen earlier records than this in the data base but you can see how nice the images are. Obituaries are very well done as well. Look at this one for Martin Gates who just happens to be a great uncle who dies in 1950.

This photo of Martin was taken from this page of obits which I saved from their site.
A key on the website gives you the sourcing for all entries - abbreviations telling you which newspapers etc., that things were found in.

A very nice nice site indeed - especially if you find great scans of material handled in a way that makes searching easy & fast! No complicated formula's, no messy material - just great material presented in a fabulous format! What more could a genealogist ask for???

Don't forget today is also Relatively Speaking over at Reflections From The Fence - Cousins Who Blog.. today is cousin Carol's day to blog.

Happy Researching!

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TennLady said...

It is and even I have found a couple things there!