29 March 2010

Monday Musing...

What is it about a clean office that drives one to want to "work"?

I had this idea that I MUST do something about the clutter that all those cords under my desk seem to generate. They seem to multiply like rabbits, and the longer you try to ignore them the worse they get.

SO I called up my son, asked him if he could help move a couple of printers. He agreed. We bought him breakfast on Sunday and he came over afterwards. Since my son the brain built this wonderful computer for me last year I figured who would know better about the wires surrounding all these electronics than him?

Long story short, he did move the printers, but the main hero of the day was my main squeeze Mark! Yep, dearest husband of mine, took time out from the tax catch up day and spent about an hour and a half crawling around under the desk moving & untangling wires! He's my hero - most of the wires are in one spot & now almost completely out of site! Needless to say I am thrilled!

Both of my external hard drives are now hooked up and all the wires on the top of my desk are now routed thru a slot on the back of the hutch! The only problem he didn't resolve were the three piles of papers on the desk. He left those for me to do!

But now I have a lamp for extra light when reading old wills, my small digital photo frame so I can always see my grandsons and lots of space for more papers.

Only question now is "which stack of papers do I tackle first?" ...

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Happy Researching!


Michelle Goodrum said...

Yeah! I know what you mean about the perpetual spagetti mess!

Joan said...

Let me know when you find a permanent fix for the "paper mess" ---LOL, it only takes me a short time to fill up any flat space on my desk!