24 May 2010

Relatively Speaking

Time sure flies when you are having fun - researching or just vacationing - either one, time just seems to march on.

Yes, I am back from my trip. Finding the stuff for me is the fun part. I love the thrill of the hunt, chasing down that elusive ancestor and all I can find about him.

Coming home & putting it all in my computer is good, not as good as the hunt, but it is good to finally see a puzzle piece fit into the larger puzzle on my screen. Luckily alot of what I find, unleses it is direct line I don't have to do the dreaded filing! UGH!

Now I get to figure out where to start with all the "stuff" I found. Photo's to scan, obits to type, deeds to sift thru - so much to do and so little time.

As I go thru I'll be sharing some of my goodies here on the blog - so stay tuned for that!

There were two major finds on this trip - note the word MAJOR... the first was found by Mark - when he found one of his great grandfather's birth, death & birth place in Europe in some church records and the other when I found the baptismal record confirming the link between father & son that I had long searched for proof on. More on those probably later this week.

I continue to work towards my goal of not sitting at this computer for mega hours every day, yesterday we planted some new rose bushes around the patio and added some pretty little "color" to the window garden. Maybe later this week I'll get photo's of those for you as well. We did some weeding in the window garden as well. Spent most of the evening on the patio having dinner with friends.

What a great ending to a fabulous week! Today's big goal - stay busy so I don't miss Mark. We have such a great time when we are on the road I hate it when he goes back to his job! Then I hope to scan some documents, take the photo's off the camera's and begin to organize the input from the trip.

For now - its herbal tea time on the patio.

Happy Researching!


Becky Higgins said...

Ah, herbal tea on the patio! A great way to settle the mind and organize the rest of the day! Hope you have a great one.

Karen said...

Thanks Becky! Sure works for me! Hope you have/had a great day as well!