25 May 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

These photo's are from Woodland Cemetery, Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio - the images I am using are not related to either myself or Mark - they are just random images from our time wandering this old cemetery. Woodland was founded in 1853 and I must say I am disappointed in the current upkeep of this wonderful old cemetery! If you have ancestors here, you should take a visit - SOON! Beautiful old mausoleum doorways sealed with concrete, shingles coming off roofs, unsure what the large pile of concrete pieces some of which appear to be part of headstones or mausoleums just tossed on pile in middle of cemetery. This is a sad statement of the way we treat the final resting place of those gone before.
Photo's taken 14 MAY 2010

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Nancy said...

What a sad state of affairs for this cemetery. Looking down through your photos, when I came to the 4th one of the mausoleum, I thought I was looking at a photo of one in Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio which -at least in my memory- looks like a twin. (When I go back and look at my photo I'll probably realize they're not that similar). I hope your post reaches descendants of those interred at Woodland.